Recover data simplified

How to retrieve data in the form ID => Label

It happens to want to retrieve data in the form of an associative array Id => Label

It is by practical example in the case of list of values used in the select.

$rows = $this->collector['example']->get(array('is_valid' => 1));
<span><br /><br />Array 
 [0] =<span class="entity"></span> Array 
 [id_example] =<span class="entity"></span> One 
 [lib] =<span class="entity"></span> Item 1 
 [created_at] =<span class="entity"></span> 2019-05-03 14:33:10 
 [n_order] =<span class="entity"></span> One 
 [is_valid] =<span class="entity"></span> One 
 [ex_type] =<span class="entity"></span> EX1 

 [1] =<span class="entity"></span> Array 
 [id_example] =<span class="entity"></span> Three 
 [lib] =<span class="entity"></span> Item 3 
 [created_at] =<span class="entity"></span> 2019-05-03 14:33:21 
 [n_order] =<span class="entity"></span> Three 
 [is_valid] =<span class="entity"></span> One 
 [ex_type] =<span class="entity"></span> EX2 


The method getKv (for getKeyValue) returns a key identifying the row value and the column that is used as follows :

<span>$rows = $this->collector['example']->getKv(array('is_valid' => 1));</span>
 [1] =<span class="entity"></span> Item 1<br />
 [3] =<span class="entity"></span> Item 3<br />
<span id="line121" span="">)</span></span>

The default behavior is to retrieve the column "lib".
However, some of the tables do not use this column name to represent the label of a given.

It is then possible to define in the class representing the collector field to use :

protected $_libField = 'ANOTHER FIELD'; <br /><br />

There is also the method getKandMore that is going to have the same operation as getKv, but with the possibility to add additional values, as in the example below :

<span>function getKandMore($fields=array(),$conditions = array(), $order = ", $limit = ") { }<br />
$rows = $this->collector['example']->getKandMore(array('lib','created_at'), array('is_valid'=>1));<br /></span>
 [1] = Item 1 2019-05-03 14:33:10
[3] = Item 3 2019-05-03 14:33:21 )