Separate records

How to retrieve distinct data from a table ?

Each collector can call the method getDistinct that allows you to retrieve the distinct data of a field, with or without conditions.

 function getDistinct($field, $conditions = array()) { }


  1. $field : corresponds to the field for which you wish to retrieve the distinct values
  2. $conditions : a table which includes the conditions of recovery


The following example allows you to retrieve the distinct values of the column "ex_type" the collector "example"

$rows = $this->collector['example']->getDistinct('ex_type', array('is_valid' => 1));<br />

The function's return

This method returns an array containing the distinct values

 [0] =<span class="entity"><span>></span></span> Array 
 [ex_type] =<span class="entity"><span>></span></span> EX1 

 [1] =<span class="entity"><span>></span></span> Array 
 [ex_type] =<span class="entity"><span>></span></span> EX2 

)</span><br />